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OOFEM Download

Latest release (2.4):

Type File SHA-1 checksum Download counter
Sources 0305dc3596cc57c2003602c7d6a5443a9357133d
Linux binaries (x86_64) oofem_2.4_x86_64.tar.gz 859fe08676e170f8c6e1100d6bf396e668105e8c
Linux deb package (x86_64) oofem_2.4_x86_64.deb 229cabfd584b3a584f433bc1771f4a7e222ca887
Windows AMD64 binary 0043bcaae58c52e7dd2f2cfbd01327db61838c1e

Note: The binary packages contain only solver (serial version, with iml and dss solvers).

The older OOFEM versions (source packages only):

See also the ChangeLog for detailed information.

Alternatively, you can get the bleeding edge version of OOFEM from the OOFEM git repository. Read more about git repository access here.

After downloading and upacking please read the included README file. The installation instructions are available also on OOFEM wiki.
Documentation is included within the distribution.

The graphical postprocessor (oofeg) requires the ELIXIR and Ckit library by Petr Krysl, to be installed. It provides X-windows graphics support. The original sources to the ELIXIR and Ckit libraries are available from the Petr Krysl The version designated to be used with OOFEM is likely to be not compatible with the original version maintained by the author and can be downloaded here:

Other useful links to the external software:

  • Open MPI – a high-performance, freely available, and portable implementation of MPI.
  • PETSC – Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation.
  • ParaView – ParallelVisualization Application
  • IML++ (template library for numerical iterative methods)

Parallel version of OOFEM (poofem) requires MPI library. If it is not available on your system, we recommend to install Open MPI – a high-performance, freely available, and portable implementation of MPI (

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