OOFEM - Object Oriented Finite Element Solver

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The OOFEM program has been developped at

The development of OOFEM has been partially funded by

  • Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic, contracts No. MSM 210000003 and MSM 6840770003: "The Development of Algorithms of Computational Mechanics and their Application in Engineering"
  • TailorCrete project, 7th EU FWP (Seventh EU Framework Programme).
  • Grant Agency of the Czech Republic - Projects No.: 13-23584S, 103/97/P106, 103/97/K003, 103/04/1394, 103/06/1845, 103/09/2009, and P105/10/1402.
  • CEC Brussels, Contract No. PL 964440.
  • LMAT, www.lmat-uk.com, Improved composite analysis support.