Regular Seminars

OOFEM group at ČVUT organizes seminars (held usually every even Tuesday from 16:00 CET). The seminars are open to everyone and particularly those who would like to give presentations and share their knowledge, insights and results. The seminars are hybrid with physical participation of local users and remote participation for guests.

How to attend

Use this link (MS Teams).

How to participate

You are welcome to actively participate and give a talk or presentation. Each talk should be approx. 30 minutes long, followed by discussion. Authors are expected to provide their presentation for archiving and public access. If interested, please send an abstract to

Upcoming Seminars

  • Jan 25th, 16:00: Ingrid Boem, The OOFEM modelling of masonry elements strengthened through Fibre-Reinforced Mortar.
  • Feb, 1st, 16:00: Ondřej Faltus, Contact Mechanics in OOFEM.
  • Vít Šmilauer, Salome platform, date to be announced.

Past Seminars

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