Topic: Windows10+VisualStudio2013 compilation error

I followed the module Windows installation with Visual Studio in the website … t_version. And I deselected the option  USE_SHARED_LIB in CMake. But when I am compiling in VS, such error occurred, and the compiling failed...

Warning    1494    warning C4530: C++ exception handler used, but unwind semantics are not enabled. Specify /EHsc    F:\Visual Studio 2012\VC\include\xlocale    337    1    oofem
Warning    1495    warning C4101: 'c' : unreferenced local variable    C:\oofem.git\src\main\main.C    302    1    oofem
Error    1496    error LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:\Build\src\oofemlib\core.dir\Debug\heap.obj'    C:\Build\LINK    oofem

and the information corresponding to the warnings are
in xlocal.C

    locale(const locale& _Loc, const locale& _Other,
        category _Cat)
        : _Ptr(_Locimp::_New_Locimp(*_Loc._Ptr))
        {    // construct a locale by copying named facets
        _BEGIN_LOCINFO(_Lobj(_Loc._Ptr->_Catmask, _Loc._Ptr->_Name.c_str()))
            _Locimp::_Makeloc(_Lobj._Addcats(_Cat & _Other._Ptr->_Catmask,
                _Other._Ptr->_Name.c_str()), _Cat, _Ptr, &_Other);

in main.C
    try {
    } catch(OOFEM_Terminate & c) {
        delete problem;


        return 1;

What is the cause of these warnings and error?

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Re: Windows10+VisualStudio2013 compilation error

Dear shiyongan,
it seems that heap.obj cannot be compiled properly. Please try to compile only the "core" project before to proceed further, you should find a more detaled error in the VS log.