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Targe2 seems to be not available here:

are there any other sources which I could try?
Thanks in advance....



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the link seems broken, I will report this to Peter.
In the meantime, I have attached Targe2 source tarball as well as a simple targe2oofem conversion script (written in perl).

With best regards,

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Thanks a lot,
but i am afraid the compiling did not work (probably an old version?).... I can post the output of ./configure and ./ make targe2 if you like, but i did solve the problem already following this link:

I started exploring oofem a few weeks ago and already like it a lot!!! Keep up the good work....


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I tried the compilation myself and it seems that the configure is slightly outdated.
But it can be easily fixed. The procedure I have used is following:

First fix the old configure, that is not able to recognize newer architectures
1) generate new configure from bu running "autoconf" in Targe2/src
2) replace old "config.guess" and "config.sub" by newer ones (from autoconf installation or from oofem)

Fix problem with memcpy:
3) edit "Targe2/include/targe2cf.h" - add these three lines after #include <Tcfg.h> (line 35):
#include <memory.h>

This works (at least for me). Thank you for the link to sofea.

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I am very sorry, but i still could not get it to work... However, no problem for me, (cause i have it already running using the sofea source) but might be helpfull for future reference....

gercokees@waark:~/oofem/Targe2/src$ make targe2
gcc  -c -I../../Ckit/include -I../../Elixir/include -I../include  -DUNIX -DBUNDLE_OPTS -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -g -O2  targe2.c
In file included from /usr/include/X11/Intrinsic.h:64,
                 from ../include/ttypes.h:60,
                 from targe2.c:32:
/usr/include/string.h:299: fout: conflicting types for ‘memcpy’
make: *** [targe2.o] Fout 1


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this is my fault. I have forgotten to mentions one modification, which needs to be done before step 1:
0) edit Targe2/src/ add following line
after line 133 with

after this, run autoconf again, then configure and make.
Could you please check it again? thanks

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This works, thanks a lot!!!
Greetz (from sunny Netherlands)


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The asks for input, output and rulesfile. Is it possible to post the rulesfile here as well? I tried with an empty file, but i am not sure whether the rulesfile makes life a lot easier...
thanks in advance...


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there is no doc available for targe2oofem, but I have attached a simple example, that can illustrate the use.
The format of control (*.ctrl) files is following:

# first five lines corresponds to firs five lines of oofem input
analysis_record (one line only)
number_of_cross_sections nunber_of_materials number_of_bc number_of_ltf
# next lines contain cross section, material, boundary condition and load time function records
# rules, that allow to assign properties to regions and vertices
# region element properties example
region 1 elemprop "crosssect 1 mat 2"
#region node properties example
region 1 nodeprop "load 1 2"
# one can combine elemprop and nodeprop on one line
region 1  elemprop "crosssect 1 mat 2" nodeprop "load 1 2"
# vertex node properties example
vertex 1 nodeprop "bc 2 1 0"

The targe2oofem produces "almost complete" oofem input file, one needs to add component keywords and possibly add more stuff.
The element used is also hard-coded in targe2oofem.

If someone will be interested to make an improvements, this will be very helpful.


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thanx i found out how it works.
....If someone will be interested to make an improvements, this will be very helpful....
perl does not seem to be to difficult. i like to put some energy in this when time permits...


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    I use oofem on Windows XP professional 2002. How can I get the proper version of targe2 and targe2oofem? How can build them into the right exe file?
Thank you in advance!


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Hi Nene,

the Targe2 mesh generator can be obtained from Peter Krysl homepage (, just follow the link to software.
The targe2oofem script is slightly outdated, but should work and only a small adjustment is needed to support recent input format. The script is in Perl, so no compilation is needed. The following syntax is deduced form targe2oofem script, since I have no example at hand.

targe2oofem converts the output of Targe2 mesh generator to the input fi le for Oofem. Targe2oofem processes on the input two files:
output fi le of Targe2 containing all relevant data and control fi le containing Oofem control records and assignment of some of these con-
trol records (boundary conditions, loading, material) to individual entities of the Targe2 model.

Targe2oofem is executed as:

targe2oofem targeOutFile oofemInFile ctrlFile

Control fi le consists of two sections, divided by at least one empty line. The first section contains Oofem control records, this
is all Oofem input file statements without the mesh (node and element statements). Note
that the statement describing the number of records in the Oofem input fi le has to be used
without nodal and element records:

An example of the fi rst section of the control fi le may look like this

testing example
linearstatic nsteps 1
domain 3d
outputmanager tstep_all dofman_all element_all
ncrosssect  1 nmat 1 nbc 2 nic 0 nltf 1
SimpleCS 1 thick 0.15
IsoLE 1 d 0. E 15.0 n 0.25 tAlpha 0.000012
BoundaryCondition  1 loadTimeFunction 1 prescribedvalue 0.0 
NodalLoad 2 loadTimeFunction 1 Components 2 -2.5 0.0
ConstantFunction 1 f(t) 1.0

The second section contains records describing assignment of node and element properties.
Each assignment consists of model entity or model property speci cation followed by one or
more node property speci cation(s), element property speci cation(s), element type spec-
i cation(s) and boundary load and/or code speci cation(s).
The syntax of assignments records is following:

vertex # nodeprop #
region # nodeprop #
region # elemprop #

An example of the model entity speci cation may look like this:

vertex 1 nodeprop "bc 2 1 1"
vertex 2 nodeprop "bc 2 1 0 load 1 2"

region 1 nodeprop "bc 2 1 0"
region 1 elemprop "crossSect 1 mat 1 NIP 1"

At present generated element type is TrPlaneStress2d, but this can be easily replaced.
If there will be an interest, I can provide working example as well.

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