Topic: Using Visual Studio 2008


I’m a PhD student and need to use OOFEM to run some XFEM analysis.
Don’t have access to Linux or UNIX and also don’t know how to use them, but I know a little bit about Microsoft visual studio. However, the code is a bit strange to me and I’m not sure how to start. Could anyone please tell me how to start using the code and how should I try to compile the programme?


Re: Using Visual Studio 2008


several users have reported here the successful compilation under MS Windows. You may find some hints in this forum.
If you are already familiar with Visual studio,  check … ompilation from oofem wiki, which contain some tips that can help you with compilation.

Once you will have oofem running, you may start to run some examples and learn, how to use it. There are many examples within the distribution, that can help you start. Also check oofem input manual (

If you are going to develop something, perhaps a good starting point would be OOFEM Programmer's manual (, that can help you to understand the basic design of the code. Concerning xfem stuff, this is relatively new and there are no examples yet, but will be available soon.

And of course, if you will any questions, you can always use this forum.