Topic: Phase-field code for fracture (staggered scheme).

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I am trying to model a coupled physics problem corresponding to a phase-field model for fracture.

The problem comes from the weak form of a coupled physics problem, coupling elastic and fracture energies.
Therefore, by interpolating over two filed variables, one gets two types of finite elements. One of them corresponds to the elastic problem and another to the fracture one. This both are coupled by a "phase-field" variable, acting as a degree of freedom in the fracture element.

Regarding implementational aspects, I am interested in a "staggered" scheme (although there are outsise monolithic versions for this). The staggered scheme, means that the problem is pseudo-decoupled and it solves first for the elastic problem and then for the fracture one, i.e., in a sequential manner. This is done using a Newton-raphson scheme on each problem, the Figure attached might help for understanding of those not very familiar with this.

How likely is that this can be implemented in OOFEM?

If this has been already done in OOFEM, an example with a very short description on how this has been done would be highly appreciated.

I am particularly interested in knowing the ingredients to perform this task, since I have done this in a non-Object-Oriented fashion. However, I would like to know how can I do this in OOFEM since I would like to become a user. OOFEM, looks like a very attractive option to have this implemented for further development given the nice capabilities of the software and perhaps more important, release this method so people can actually use it!.

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