Topic: post processors


I had someone try to install the postprocessor on my linux system but it did not work. I am getting the same errors someone else was getting. We updated the program you suggested and still are getting an error. What would be the next step and does this post processor create 3d images and show deflection?

Thank you for any help.



Re: post processors


I assume that you are referring to oofeg, the internal oofem post-processor. oofeg is capable to display 3d meshes and to plot displacements and other internal variables. It is not well suited for large 3d meshes, as it is not able to profit from GPU hardware acceleration (uses plain X windows). For larger meshes, I would recommend to use vtk export module and use some vtk based visualization tools, like mayavi or paraview.

I can help you with the installation, but I need some more info about the installation that failed. What part of installation has failed? Could you send the output of configure commands for Elixir and oofeg?