Adaptive Analysis of  Four-Point Shear Specimen Tested by Arrea and Ingraffea

specimen geometry and loading [M. Arrea and A.R. Ingraffea: "Mixed-mode crack propagation in mortar and concrete", Department of Structural Engineering Report 81-13, Cornell University, Ithaca, 1981.]
Constitutive Model Microplane damage model (anisotropic damage model)
Constitutive Properties E 30.e3 n 0.18 ep 8.6666666667e-05 Gf 0.010 md 0.05 nmp 10 R 5.0 nonloc 1 
Number of microplanes 10
Error Estimator&Indicator ZZ-error estimator for elastic regions (15%), Damage level as indicator for inelastic areas
Remeshing criteria Default mesh size (100) for regions with no damage. Inside damaged regions linear interpolation of mesh density, here taken as constant (4) for damage indicator > 0.1.
Mesh Generator t3D (author Daniel Rypl)


Fully damaged specimen

Initial mesh (145 nodes, 234 elements)

Final mesh (4174 nodes, 8120 elements)


Load - displacement diagram for adaptive analysis (force F/corresponding displacement under force F)


Damage evolution shown on adaptive discretization.


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