OOFEM Extractor Input Data Format

Borek Patzák
Czech Technical University
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Structural Mechanics
Thákurova 7, 166 29 Prague, Czech Republic

``Extractor.py'' is a package for automatic extraction (and checking) of user-defined values from OOFEM output file. The values to be extracted are defined in extractor input file. The tool can operate in two modes:

The program parameters are following
extractor [-c] -f inputFileNamePath
The inputFileNamePath is the path to input file, containing description of user-defined values to be extracted or checked. The -f option is compulsory. If not supplied, the program prints usage information and exits. The -c flag turn on the checking mode. If not set, the extraction mode is used by default.

The format of extractor input file consists of two compulsory sections, the source file section, followed by the value records section, that determines the values to be extracted or checked.

Borek Patzak 2018-01-02