General anisotropic linear elastic material - AnisoLE

Linear elastic material model with completely general material stiffness (21 independent elastic constants). The model parameters are summarized in Tab. 3. The material stiffness matrix is a completely arbitrary symmetric $6\times 6$ matrix. The input line must contain an array with the upper triangle of this matrix. This array has length 21 and the stiffness coefficients are listed in each row from the diagonal to the last column.

Table 3: Anisotropic, linear elastic material - summary.
Description Anisotropic, linear elastic material
Record Format OrthoLE num(in) # d(rn) # stiff(ra) # tAlphax(ra) #
Parameters - num material model number
  - d material density
  - stiff real array of length 21 with stiffness coefficients $D_{11}$, $D_{12}$, $D_{13}\ldots D_{66}$
  - tAlpha real array of length 0 or 3 with thermal dilatation coefficients in x,y,z directions
Supported modes 3dMat, PlaneStress, PlaneStrain, 1dMat

Borek Patzak