NlDEIDynamic nsteps #(in)
dumpcoef #(rn)
[deltaT #(rn)]

Represents the direct explicit nonlinear dynamic integration. The central difference method with diagonal mass matrix is used, damping matrix is assumed to be proportional to mass matrix, $ \boldsymbol{C}
= \mathrm{dumpcoef} * \boldsymbol{M}$, where $ \boldsymbol{M}$ is diagonal mass matrix. deltaT is time step length used for integration, which may be reduced by program in order to satisfy solution stability conditions. Parameter nsteps specifies how many time steps will be analyzed.

The parallel version has the following additional syntax:

$ \langle$[nonlocalext]$ \rangle$

The nonlocalext turns on the nonlocal constitutive extension. The extension considers a band of remote elements involved in computation of nonlocal variables (see fig. 6.7 illustrating this approach for node-cut partitioning).

Borek Patzak