Stationary transport problem

StationaryProblem nsteps #(in)
[sparselinsolverparams #(...)]
[exportfields #(ia)]

Stationary transport problem. Series of loading cases is maintained as sequence of time-steps. For each load case an auxiliary time-step is generated with time equal to load case number. Load vectors for each load case are formed as load vectors at this auxiliary time. The sparselinsolverparams parameter describes the sparse linear solver attributes and is explained in section 5.1.

If the present problem is used within the context of staggered-like analysis, the temperature field obtained by the solution can be exported and made available to any subsequent analyses. For example, temperature field obtained by present analysis can be taken into account in subsequent mechanical analysis. To allow this, the temperature must be ``exported''. This can be done by adding array exportfields. This array contains the field identifiers, which tell the problem to register its primary unknowns under given identifiers. See file field.h. Then the subsequent analyses can get access to exported fields and take them into account, if they support such feature.

Borek Patzak