Dynamic load balancing parameters

There are in general two basic factors causing load imbalance between individual subdomains: (i) one comming from application nature, such as switching from linear to nonlinear response in certain regions or local adaptive refinment, and (ii) external factors, caused by resourse realocation, typical for nondedicated cluster environments, where indivudual processors are shared by different applications and users, leading to time variation in allocated processing power. The load balance recovery is achieved by repartitioning of the problem domain and transferring the work (represented typically by finite elements) from one subdomain to another. This section describes the structure and syntax of parameters related to dynamic load balancing. The corresponding part of analysis record has the following general syntax:

[lbflag$ ^M$ #(in)]
[forcelb1 #(in)]
[wtp #(ia)]
[lbstep #(in)]
[relwct #(rn)]
[abswct #(rn)]
[minwct #(rn)]

where the parameters have following meaning:

At present, the load balancing support requires ParMETIS module to be configured and compiled.

Borek Patzak