Export modules

Export modules allow to export computed data into external software for post-processing. The number of export module records is specified in analysis record using nmodules parameter (see the initial part of section 3). The general format is the following:
*EntType [tstep_all]
[tstep_step #(in)]
[tsteps_out #(rl)]
[subtsteps_out #(in)]
[domain_mask #(in)]

To select all solution steps, in which output will be performed, use tstep_all. To select each tstep_step-nth step, use tstep_step parameter. In order to select only specific solution steps, the tsteps_out list can be specified, supplying solution step number list in which output will be done. To select output for all domain of the problem the domain_all keyword can be used. To select only specific domains, domain_mask array can be used, where the values of the array specify the domain numbers to be exported. If the parameter subtsteps_out = 1, it turns on the export of intermediate results, for example during the substepping or individual equilibrium iterations. This option requires support from the solver.

Currently, the supported export modules are following

Borek Patzak