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classfactory.C File Reference
#include "classfactory.h"
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cctype>
#include "masterdof.h"
#include "slavedof.h"
#include "simpleslavedof.h"
#include "activedof.h"
#include "gaussintegrationrule.h"
#include "lobattoir.h"
#include "initialcondition.h"

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 the oofem namespace is to define a context or scope in which all oofem names are defined.


ClassFactory & oofem::GiveClassFactory ()
 This function must be used by all code that run at link time to ensure that the classFactory is constructed first. More...
std::string oofem::conv2lower (std::string input)
template<typename C , typename T , typename V , typename... As>
C * oofem::cf_create2 (const T &list, V name, As...args)
template<typename T , typename V , typename C >
bool oofem::cf_store2 (T &list, V name, C &creator)
template<typename C , typename T , typename... As>
C * oofem::cf_create (const T &list, const char *name, As...args)
template<typename T , typename C >
bool oofem::cf_store (T &list, const char *name, C &creator)


ClassFactory & oofem::classFactory = GiveClassFactory()

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