Base Element class

This class is the base class for all FE elements. It is also the abstract class, declaring some services, which have to be implemented by the derived classes. The main purpose of this class is to serve the basic common services, which are common to all finite elements (like storing the references to element's material model, nodes and applied loadings, assembling location array, storing from/to context file, etc.). The Element class does neither declare nor implement any method related to specific analysis. These services are to be declared and possibly implemented by derived classes.3 These derived classes (direct children of Element class) are therefore assumed to be base classes for particular analysis or problem type, represented by corresponding engng model. They typically declare the general services required for a specific analysis purpose - like evaluation of stiffness or mass matrices for structural analysis, or evaluation of capacity and conductivity matrices for heat transfer analysis. Usually they also provide general implementation of these services.

The Element is derived from a FEMComponent. It inherits the FEMComponent's ability to keep its number and reference to the domain, it belongs to, its error and warning reporting services, methods for field extraction functions from object record (used when element reads its description from input database). Also the FEMComponent declares several abstract services. The most important are initializeFrom for object initialization from a given record, saveContext and restoreContext methods for storing and restoring object state to/from a stream, and giveInterface service for requesting an object interface.

The attributes declared at the Element class include the variables used to keep its list of nodes and sides, its material and cross section number, lists of applied body and boundary loads, list of integration rules and array storing its code numbers (see OOFEM library reference manualfor details).

The following important services are declared at the element level:

Borek Patzak 2018-01-02