Boundary Conditions

The library introduces the base abstract class GeneralBoundaryCondition for all boundary conditions (both primary and secondary). Boundary condition is an aribute of the domain (it belongs to). The other system components subjected to boundary conditions keep reference to corresponding boundary conditions, like elements, nodes, and Dofs.

The base class only declares itself as a base class of all boundary conditions, and declares only very basic services. It introduces 'loadTimeFunction' as an atrribute of each boundary condition. 'loadTimeFunction' represent time variation, its value is dependent on time step. The value (or the components) of a boundary condition (load) will be the product of its value by the value of the associated load time function at given time step. The meaning of boundary condition components is dependent on particular boundary condition type, and should be defined in derived classes documentation. This base class introduces also two general services for requesting boundary condition physical meaning and boundary condition geometrical character (pointwise, acting on element body or edge and so on).

Derived classes should represent the base classes for particular boundary condition type (like force load, or boundary condition prescribed directlly on some dof) and should declare the basic common interface. For example, the Load is derived from GeneralBoundaryCondition and represent base class for all load types. The following derived classes are provided by OOFEMlib

Borek Patzak 2018-01-02