Grid Representation - Domain

The computational grid is represented by Domain class. It stores all the components of the FEM model. These are dof managers (nodes, element sides possessing DOFs), elements, material and cross section models, boundary conditions (primary boundary conditions as well as applied loading), and initial conditions. For every component type the Domain maintains the component list and provides the corresponding access services. Domain keeps its number and link to associated problem (EngngModel). It also keeps its domain type, which determines the default number of Dofs per node (or side) and their physical meanings. Note, that this default setting can be redefined by particular nodes or sides. The basic services provided by Domain are the following Domain also contains instance of OutputManager manager class, which implements the output filtering capabilities. It allows to filter output for specific solution steps, elements and dof managers. The domain also can create (if needed) instances of SpatialLocalizer class and connectivityTable class to serve the connectivity and spatial localization related services (finding elements shared by the node, finding the closest node search, finding the element containing given point, etc.).

Borek Patzak 2018-01-02