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List of OOFEM users

Users are welcome to add themselves to the list. Developers are strongly encouraged to list themselves and their research interests below (even if it is just planned development).

Name Institution OOFEM components Annotation
A. Forghani University of British Columbia, Vancouver I use oofem in modeling of damage in composites.
Mikael Öhman Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg General design, Sets, Boundary conditions, Stokes flow, FE2, PETSc, VTK, CMake, BLAS/LAPACK I'm developing code for OOFEM to perform multiscale computations with surface potentials. I'm always trying to improve the general design in OOFEM which hopefully makes things simpler for everyone.
Martin Hlavačka Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague I use OOFEM to investigate damage of buildings caused by tunneling.
Jim Brouzoulis Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg XFEM, Large deformations, Shell elements, VTK, FractureManager (WIP) I use OOFEM in the development of models for simulation of failure in composites. My work focus on modelling progressive failure involving multiple delaminations and crack growth using the XFEM.
Giovanni Rinaldin University of Sassari, Italy UEL and UMAT interfaces, Shell elements, VTK, beams, parallel version I use OOFEM for the simulation of shaking tests of XLam buildings.
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