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Tunnels in towns and cities inevitably go under existing infrastructure and can have a strong influence on the strength, lifetime and process of realization. The main focus of this research is to investigate the behavior and damage evolution of buildings due to deformations in the subsoil caused by tunneling. All included numerical investigations were performed using OOFEM. The mesh contains 42 543 nodes and 31 272 linear brick elements. Throughout the analysis, different models are assumed to characterize the material behavior (isotropic linear elastic material, isotropic damage model for tensile failure, Drucker-Prager model and Mises plasticity model) and the pros and cons of each approach are compared.

You can download zip file with OOFEM input file here: damage.rar

M. Hlavačka - J. Vorel (supervisor) - M. Šejnoha (opon.). Damage of buildings induced by tunelling (Poruchy budov způsobené tunelováním hlavacka_bazant.pdf) (in czech), Master thesis, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, 2012

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