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-  * **El-Caleyo simulation**+===== El-Caleyo simulation ​=====
-So called ​El-Caleyo ​wall is special formwork with holes and angles designed ​to test filling ability of self-compacting concrete ​(SCC)Geometry ​of the formwork is on the picture below+==== Test Setup and Geometry ==== 
 +This example illustrates the casting simulation of real problem. The test has been designed by El-Caleyo. The purpose of this tests is to assess the filling ability of self compacting concrete ​in complex formworks with complex geometry, containing several holes and rather dense traditional reinforcementThe geometry ​of the formwork is illustrated in Fig.1
 +|Fig.1: The geometry and setup of El-Caleyo wall|
-Simulations were done in two different ​ways of casting. In the first case, SCC is casted ​from the bottom of the specimen with constant input velocity. In the second case, SCC is casted from the top as it is usual in real casting.+==== Computational Model ==== 
 +Simulations were done for two different casting ​setups. In the first case, the SCC is pumped ​from the bottom of the specimen with prescribed ​constant input velocity. In the second case, SCC is casted from the top.
-    * Casting from the bottom+=== Casting from the bottom ​===
-Example of input file for the "​bottom casting" ​is here: {{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​|}}+Example of OOFEM input file for the "​bottom casting" ​sumulation can be dowloaded from here: {{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​|}}
-On the next picture, scheme of "​bottom casting"​ is shownThere is is prescribed velocity at the bottom edge.+== Results == 
 +Initial setup of the model: 
-Situation for evolving time is captured on pictures below: 
-{{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​el_caleyo_t25.0.png?​200|}}+The snapshots of solution, illustrating the position of SCC in different times, are presented below. 
-{{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​el_caleyo_t100.0.png?​200|}}+=== Casting from the top ===
-{{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​el_caleyo_t175.0.png?200|}}+Example of OOFEM input file for the simulation "​casting from the top" can be dowloaded from here:{{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​|}}
-{{:tailorcrete:​examples:​el_caleyo_t400.0.png?​200|}}+On the next picture, casting scheme is shown. SCC is initially at the reservoir above the wall:
-  * Casting from the top+|{{:​tailorcrete:​examples:​el_caleyo_casting_from_the_top_t0.0.png?​200|}}|
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