CebFip78 model for concrete creep with aging - CebFip78

Implementation of aging viscoelastic model for concrete creep according to the CEB-FIP Model Code. The model parameters are summarized in Tab. 32.

Table 32: CebFip78 material model - summary.
Description CebFip78 model for concrete creep with aging
Record Format CebFip78 n(rn) # relMatAge(rn) # E28(rn) # fibf(rn) # kap_a(rn) # kap_c(rn) # kap_tt(rn) # u(rn) #
Parameters - num material model number
  - E28 Young modulus at age of 28 days [MPa]
  - n Poisson ratio
  - fibf basic creep coefficient
  - kap_a coefficient of hydrometric conditions
  - kap_c coefficient of type of cement
  - kap_tt coeficient of temperature effects
  - u surface imposed to environment [$ mm^2$]; temporary here; should be in crosssection level
  - relmatage relative material age
Supported modes 3dMat, PlaneStress, PlaneStrain, 1dMat, 2dPlateLayer,2dBeamLayer, 3dShellLayer

Borek Patzak