Isotropic linear material for moisture transport - IsoLinMoisture

Linear isotropic material model for moisture transport problems described by the linear diffusion equation3

$\displaystyle k\frac{\partial h}{\partial t} = \nabla \cdot \left( c \nabla h \right)$ (236)

where $h$ is the pore relative humidity (dimensionless, between 0 and 1), $k$ is the moisture capacity [kg/m$^3$], and $c$ is the moisture permeability [kg/m$\cdot$s]. The model parameters are summarized in Tab. 54.

Table 54: Linear isotropic material for moisture transport - summary.
Description Linear isotropic material for moisture transport
Record Format IsoLinMoistureMat num(in) # d(rn) # perm(rn) # capa(rn) #
Parameters - num material model number
  - d material density
  - perm moisture permeability
  - capa moisture capacity
Supported modes _2dHeat

Borek Patzak