This manual describes in details the format and structure of OOFEM text input file. Input file can be prepared in any text editor or can be generated by a conversion program or FEM pre-processor.

Some parts of this document are relevant only to the parallel enabled version of the code. These parts are distinguished by typing the text in sans serif font family. The parallel model is based on domain decomposition. In this mode a set of input files must be provided, each one corresponding to particular process and related domain partition. The corresponding domain partition input file is referred as partition input file. The name of partition input file is composed from two parts, the fist part (referred as base name) is user-defined, the second part (called partition name), divided from first part by full-stop, is corresponding partition rank number. The partitions are numbered from zero. All partitions input files must have the same base name.

The parallel version requires the unique global numbering for dof managers (nodes) and elements. The global numbering is necessary to link partitions together. However, the dof managers and optionally elements at interpartion boundaries, should be explicitly marked, in order to distinguish different type of relations between their remote counterparts (see further).

Borek Patzak