Adaptive linear static

Adaptlinearstatic nsteps #(in)
[sparselinsolverparams #(...)]
[meshpackage #(in)]
errorestimatorparams #(...)

Adaptive linear static analysis. Multiple loading cases are not supported. Due to linearity of a problem, the complete reanalysis from the beginning is done after adaptive remeshing. After first step the error is estimated, information about required density is generated (using mesher interface) and solution terminates. If the error criteria is not satisfied, then the new mesh and corresponding input file is generated and new analysis should be performed until the error is acceptable. Currently, the available error estimator for linear problems is Zienkiewicz-Zhu. Please note, that adaptive framework requires specific functionality provided by elements and material models. For details, see element and material model manuals.
Parameter nsteps indicates the number of loading cases. Should be set to 1.
The sparselinsolverparams parameter describes the sparse linear solver attributes and is explained in section 5.1.
The meshpackage parameter selects the mesh package interface, which is used to generate information about required mesh density for new remeshing. The supported interfaces are explained in section 5.6. By default, the T3d interface is used.
The errorerestimatorparams parameter contains the parameters of Zienkiewicz Zhu Error Estimator. These are described in section 5.4.

Borek Patzak