Output manager record

The output manager controls output. It can filter output to specific solution steps, and within these selected steps allows also to filter output only to specific dof managers and elements. The format of output manager record is
OutputManager [tstep_all]
[tstep_step #(in)]
[tsteps_out #(rl)]
[dofman_output #(rl)]
[dofman_except #(rl)]
[element_output #(rl)]
[element_except #(rl)]

To select all solution steps, in which output will be performed, use tstep_all. To select each tstep_step-nth step, use tstep_step parameter. In order to select only specific solution steps, the tsteps_outlist can be specified, supplying solution step number list in which output will be done. The combination of tstep_step and tsteps_out parameters is allowed.

Output manager allows also to filter output to only specific dof managers and elements. If these specific members are selected, the output happens only in selected solution steps. The dofman_all and element_all parameters select all dof managers or elements respectively. Parameter arrays dofman_output and element_output allow to select only specific members. Numbers of selected members are then contained in dofman_output or element_output lists respectively. The previously selected members can be explicitly de-selected by specifying their component numbers in dofman_except or element_except lists. A few examples:
dofman_output {1 3}   prints nodes 1,3
dofman_output {(1 3)}   prints nodes 1,2,3
element_output {1 3}   prints elements 1,3
element_output {(1 3)}   prints elements 1,2,3
element_output {(1 3) 5 6}   prints elements 1,2,3,5,6

Borek Patzak