Components size record

This record describes the number of components in related domain. The particular records will follow immediately in input file. The general format is:
ndofman #(in)
nelem #(in)
ncrosssect #(in)
nmat #(in)
nbc #(in)
nic #(in)
nltf #(in)
[nbarrier #(in)]

where ndofman represents number of dof managers (e.g. nodes) and their associated records, nelem represents number of elements and their associated records, ncrosssect is number of cross sections and their records, nmatdnMat is number of material models and their records, nbc represents number of boundary conditions (including loads) and their records, nic parameter determines the number of initial conditions, and nltf represents number of time functions and their associated records. The optional parameter nbarrier represents the number of nonlocal barriers and their records. If not specified, no barriers are assumed.

Borek Patzak