Nonlocal barrier records

Nonlocal material models of integral type are based on replacement of certain suitable local quantity in local constitutive law by their nonlocal counterparts, that are obtained as weighted average over some characteristic volume. The weighted average is computed as a sum of a remote value multiplied by weight function value. The weight function typically depend on a distance between remote and receiver points and decreases with increasing distance. In some cases, it is necessary to disregard mutual interaction between some points (for example if they are on the opposite sides of a thin notch, which prevents the nonlocal interactions to take place). The barriers are the way how to introduce these constrains. The barrier represent a curve (in 2D) or surface (in 3D). When the line connecting receiver and remote point intersects a barrier, the barriers is activated and the corresponding interaction is not taken into account.

Currently, the supported barrier types are following:

Borek Patzak