Load and boundary conditions

These records specify description of boundary conditions. The general format is following:

*EntType (num#)(in)
loadTimeFunction #(in)
[valType #(in)] [dofs #(ia)]
[isImposedTimeFunction #(in)]

The order of particular records is optional, boundary condition number is determined by (num#)(in) parameter. The numbering should start from one and should end at n, where n is the number of records. Time function value (given by loadTimeFunction parameter) is a multiplier, using which each component (value of loading or value of boundary condition) describes its time variation. The optional parameter valType allows to determine the physical meaning of bc value, which is sometimes required. Supported values are (1 - temperature, 2 - force/traction, 3 - pressure, 4 - humudity, 5 - velocity, 6 - displacement). Another optional parameter dofs is used to determine which dofs the boundary condition should act upon. It is not relevant for all BCs..

The nonzero value of isImposedTimeFunction time function indicates that given boundary condition is active, zero value indicates not active boundary condition in given time (the bc does not exist). By default, the boundary condition applies at any time.

Currently, EntType keyword can be one from

Borek Patzak