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crosssection.h File Reference
#include "femcmpnn.h"
#include "materialmode.h"
#include "matresponsemode.h"
#include "material.h"
#include "internalstatetype.h"
#include "internalstatevaluetype.h"
#include "dictionary.h"
#include "crosssectextension.h"
#include "gausspoint.h"

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class  oofem::CrossSection
 Base abstract class representing cross section in finite element mesh. More...


 the oofem namespace is to define a context or scope in which all oofem names are defined.


Input fields for CrossSection
#define _IFT_CrossSection_SetNumber   "set"


enum  oofem::CrossSectionProperty {
  oofem::CS_Thickness =400, oofem::CS_Width, oofem::CS_BeamShearCoeff, oofem::CS_Area,
  oofem::CS_InertiaMomentY, oofem::CS_InertiaMomentZ, oofem::CS_TorsionMomentX, oofem::CS_ShearAreaY,
  oofem::CS_ShearAreaZ, oofem::CS_DrillingStiffness, oofem::CS_RelDrillingStiffness, oofem::CS_DrillingType,
  oofem::CS_TopZCoord, oofem::CS_BottomZCoord, oofem::CS_NumLayers, oofem::CS_DirectorVectorX,
  oofem::CS_DirectorVectorY, oofem::CS_DirectorVectorZ
 List of properties possibly stored in a cross section. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _IFT_CrossSection_SetNumber   "set"

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