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errorestimator.h File Reference
#include "femcmpnn.h"
#include "interface.h"
#include "errorestimatortype.h"
#include "intarray.h"
#include "internalstatetype.h"
#include "remeshingcrit.h"
#include <memory>

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class  oofem::ErrorEstimator
 The base class for all error estimation or error indicator algorithms. More...


 the oofem namespace is to define a context or scope in which all oofem names are defined.


Input fields for ErrorEstimator
#define _IFT_ErrorEstimator_regionskipmap   "regionskipmap"
#define _IFT_ErrorEstimator_IStype   "istype"


enum  oofem::EE_ValueType { oofem::relativeErrorEstimateEEV, oofem::globalNormEEV, oofem::globalErrorEEV, oofem::globalWeightedErrorEEV }
 Type characterizing different type of errors. More...
enum  oofem::EE_ErrorType { oofem::unknownET, oofem::indicatorET, oofem::internalStressET, oofem::primaryUnknownET }
 Type characterizing different type of element errors. More...
enum  oofem::EE_ErrorMode { oofem::equilibratedEM, oofem::temporaryEM }
 Type determining whether temporary or equilibrated variables are used for error evaluation. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define _IFT_ErrorEstimator_IStype   "istype"

Definition at line 55 of file errorestimator.h.

Referenced by oofem::ErrorEstimator::initializeFrom().

#define _IFT_ErrorEstimator_regionskipmap   "regionskipmap"

Definition at line 54 of file errorestimator.h.

Referenced by oofem::ErrorEstimator::initializeFrom().

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