OOFEM  2.4
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iga.C File Reference
#include "inputrecord.h"
#include "floatarray.h"
#include "floatmatrix.h"
#include "mathfem.h"
#include "iga.h"
#include "gausspoint.h"
#include "feitspline.h"
#include "oofeggraphiccontext.h"
#include "oofegutils.h"
#include "../sm/Elements/structuralelementevaluator.h"

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 the oofem namespace is to define a context or scope in which all oofem names are defined.


#define DRAW_MESH


void oofem::drawIGAPatchDeformedGeometry (Element *elem, StructuralElementEvaluator *se, oofegGraphicContext &gc, TimeStep *tStep, UnknownType)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DRAW_MESH

Definition at line 291 of file iga.C.

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