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Why Git?

You can read about unique git features on git project pages. The main motivation is that Git makes the life of developers without read-write repository access more easier.

  • With git, you have the ability to commit changes to your own local, private branch as often as you’d like, without modifying the central repository. You can make a separate decision on when you would like to push your local changes to the public repository.
  • Branching is easy with git: Think up a new feature? Create a branch and start working on it immediately. Jump between branches. Merge branches back into the main branch.
  • Stash the current changes, do work on another branch, check in the changes in the other branch, then continue back where you were before.

What it means for me?

  • If you are using the release version of OOFEM, installed from official download, you don't have to do anything.
  • If you are user and want to keep touch with ongoing development you should clone git repository and regularly synchronize with it.
  • If you are contributing developer, the switching to the Git is a must.

The OOFEM Git tutorial provides the basic introductuion to Git and summarizes the main steps needed.


  1. Submit all updates to svn before October, 28.
  2. On October, 28, the write access to svn will be refused, read access still available.
  3. Transition will take place on October, 29.
  4. The git repository will be on line on October, 30 for read-only access
  5. On November, 1: write access to lieutenants enabled
  6. svn repository shut down (November, 10)
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