Tension mode

In the tension mode, the exponential softening law is assumed (see fig.(3)). The yield function has the following form

$\displaystyle f_1($$\displaystyle \mbox{\boldmath$\sigma$}$$\displaystyle ,\kappa_1) = \sigma-f_t(\kappa_1)$ (57)

where the yield value $ f_t$ is defined as

$\displaystyle f_t=f_{t0}\exp\left(-\mbox{$\displaystyle\frac{f_{t0}}{G^I_f}$}\kappa_1\right)$ (58)

Figure: Tensile behavior of proposed model ($ f_t=0.2$ MPa, $ G_f^I=0.018$ N/mm)
The $ f_{t0}$ represents tensile strength of joint or interface; and $ G^I_f$ is mode-I fracture energy. For the tension mode, the associated flow hypothesis is assumed.

Borek Patzak