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oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver Class Reference

Solves static equilibrium by means of explicit dynamic iterations. More...

#include <dynamicrelaxationsolver.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DynamicRelaxationSolver (Domain *d, EngngModel *m)
virtual ~DynamicRelaxationSolver ()
virtual NM_Status solve (SparseMtrx &k, FloatArray &R, FloatArray *R0, FloatArray &X, FloatArray &dX, FloatArray &F, const FloatArray &internalForcesEBENorm, double &l, referenceLoadInputModeType rlm, int &nite, TimeStep *)
 Solves the given sparse linear system of equations $ s R + R_0 - F(X) = 0 $. More...
virtual IRResultType initializeFrom (InputRecord *ir)
virtual const char * giveClassName () const
virtual const char * giveInputRecordName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::NRSolver
 NRSolver (Domain *d, EngngModel *m)
virtual ~NRSolver ()
virtual void printState (FILE *outputStream)
 Prints status message of receiver to output stream. More...
virtual void setDomain (Domain *d)
virtual void reinitialize ()
 Reinitializes the receiver. More...
virtual SparseLinearSystemNMgiveLinearSolver ()
 Constructs (if necessary) and returns a linear solver. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::SparseNonLinearSystemNM
 SparseNonLinearSystemNM (Domain *d, EngngModel *m)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~SparseNonLinearSystemNM ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual double giveCurrentStepLength ()
 Returns step length. More...
virtual void setStepLength (double s)
 Sets the step length. More...
virtual bool referenceLoad () const
 Returns true if reference loads are used (i.e. More...
IRResultType initializeFrom (InputRecord *ir)
virtual void convertPertMap ()
virtual void applyPerturbation (FloatArray *displacement)
std::string errorInfo (const char *func) const
 Error printing helper. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::NumericalMethod
 NumericalMethod (Domain *d, EngngModel *m)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~NumericalMethod ()
 Destructor. More...
EngngModelgiveEngngModel ()
virtual contextIOResultType saveContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)
virtual contextIOResultType restoreContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from oofem::SparseNonLinearSystemNM
enum  referenceLoadInputModeType { rlm_total =0, rlm_incremental =1 }
 The following parameter allows to specify how the reference load vector is obtained from given totalLoadVector and initialLoadVector. More...
- Protected Types inherited from oofem::NRSolver
enum  nrsolver_ModeType { nrsolverModifiedNRM, nrsolverFullNRM, nrsolverAccelNRM }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oofem::NRSolver
LineSearchNMgiveLineSearchSolver ()
 Constructs and returns a line search solver. More...
void initPrescribedEqs ()
 Initiates prescribed equations. More...
void applyConstraintsToStiffness (SparseMtrx &k)
void applyConstraintsToLoadIncrement (int nite, const SparseMtrx &k, FloatArray &R, referenceLoadInputModeType rlm, TimeStep *tStep)
bool checkConvergence (FloatArray &RT, FloatArray &F, FloatArray &rhs, FloatArray &ddX, FloatArray &X, double RRT, const FloatArray &internalForcesEBENorm, int nite, bool &errorOutOfRange)
 Determines whether or not the solution has reached convergence. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::NRSolver
int nsmax
int minIterations
double minStepLength
nrsolver_ModeType NR_Mode
nrsolver_ModeType NR_OldMode
int NR_ModeTick
int MANRMSteps
std::unique_ptr< SparseLinearSystemNMlinSolver
 linear system solver More...
LinSystSolverType solverType
 linear system solver ID More...
SparseMtrx::SparseMtrxVersionType smConstraintVersion
 sparse matrix version, used to control constrains application to stiffness More...
int numberOfPrescribedDofs
 number of prescribed displacement More...
bool prescribedDofsFlag
 Flag indicating that some dofs are controlled under displacement control. More...
IntArray prescribedDofs
 Array of pairs identifying prescribed dofs (node, dof) More...
FloatArray prescribedDofsValues
 Array of prescribed values. More...
int prescribedDisplacementTF
 Load Time Function of prescribed values. More...
IntArray prescribedEqs
 Array of prescribed equations. More...
bool prescribedEqsInitFlag
 Flag indicating that prescribedEqs were initialized. More...
FloatArray lastReactions
 Computed reactions. They are stored in order to print them in printState method. More...
bool lsFlag
 Flag indicating whether to use line-search. More...
std::unique_ptr< LineSearchNMlinesearchSolver
 Line search solver. More...
bool mCalcStiffBeforeRes
 Flag indicating if the stiffness should be evaluated before the residual in the first iteration. More...
bool constrainedNRFlag
 Flag indicating whether to use constrained Newton. More...
double constrainedNRalpha
 Scale factor for dX, dX_new = alpha * dX. More...
int constrainedNRminiter
 Minimum number of iterations before constraint is activated. More...
FloatArray rtolf
 Relative unbalanced force tolerance for each group. More...
FloatArray rtold
 Relative iterative displacement change tolerance for each group. More...
FloatArray forceErrVec
FloatArray forceErrVecOld
std::map< int, double > dg_forceScale
 Optional user supplied scale of forces used in convergence check. More...
double maxIncAllowed
- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::SparseNonLinearSystemNM
double deltaL
 Load level. More...
double randPertAmplitude
 Amplitude of a random perturbation applied on the solution before the iteration process. More...
int randSeed
bool pert_init_needed
IntArray igp_PertDmanDofSrcArray
FloatArray igp_PertWeightArray
IntArray igp_Map
FloatArray igp_Weight
- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::NumericalMethod
 Pointer to domain. More...
 Pointer to engineering model. More...

Detailed Description

Solves static equilibrium by means of explicit dynamic iterations.

Mikael Öhman

Definition at line 62 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::DynamicRelaxationSolver ( Domain d,
EngngModel m 
virtual oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::~DynamicRelaxationSolver ( )

Definition at line 66 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::giveClassName ( ) const

Reimplemented from oofem::NRSolver.

Definition at line 75 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.h.

virtual const char* oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::giveInputRecordName ( ) const

Reimplemented from oofem::NRSolver.

Definition at line 76 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.h.

References _IFT_DynamicRelaxationSolver_Name.

IRResultType oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::initializeFrom ( InputRecord ir)

Reimplemented from oofem::NRSolver.

Definition at line 59 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.C.

References oofem::NRSolver::initializeFrom().

NM_Status oofem::DynamicRelaxationSolver::solve ( SparseMtrx K,
FloatArray R,
FloatArray R0,
FloatArray X,
FloatArray dX,
FloatArray F,
const FloatArray internalForcesEBENorm,
double &  s,
referenceLoadInputModeType  rlm,
int &  nite,
TimeStep tStep 

Solves the given sparse linear system of equations $ s R + R_0 - F(X) = 0 $.

Total load vector is not passed, it is defined as $ s R + R_0 $, where s is scale factor.

See also
EngngModel::updateComponent Used to update the stiffness matrix and load vector.
KCoefficient matrix ( $\displaystyle K = \frac{\partial F}{\partial X} $; stiffness matrix).
RReference incremental RHS (incremental load).
R0Initial RHS (initial load).
XTotal solution (total displacement).
dXIncrement of solution (incremental displacements).
FInternalRhs (real internal forces).
internalForcesEBENormNorm of internal nodal forces (evaluated on element by element basis) (split into each DOF id).
sRHS scale factor (load level).
rlmReference load mode.
niteNumber of iterations needed.
tStepTime step to solve for.
NM_Status value.

Reimplemented from oofem::NRSolver.

Definition at line 66 of file dynamicrelaxationsolver.C.

References oofem::FloatArray::add(), oofem::EngngModel::assembleVector(), oofem::FloatArray::at(), oofem::FloatArray::beDifferenceOf(), oofem::NRSolver::checkConvergence(), oofem::NumericalMethod::domain, oofem::NumericalMethod::engngModel, oofem::Domain::giveElements(), oofem::Domain::giveNumber(), oofem::EngngModel::giveParallelContext(), oofem::EngngModel::giveProblemScale(), oofem::FloatArray::giveSize(), oofem::TimeStep::incrementStateCounter(), oofem::TimeStep::incrementSubStepNumber(), oofem::InternalRhs, oofem::ParallelContext::localNorm(), oofem::macroScale, oofem::NRSolver::minIterations, NM_None, NM_NoSuccess, NM_Success, oofem::NRSolver::nsmax, OOFEM_LOG_DEBUG, OOFEM_LOG_INFO, OOFEM_WARNING, oofem::FloatArray::resize(), oofem::NRSolver::rtold, oofem::NRSolver::rtolf, oofem::EngngModel::updateComponent(), and oofem::FloatArray::zero().

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