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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Coofem::AList< T >Class implementing generic list (or more precisely array)
 Coofem::ArcPosSortFunction3< T >
 Coofem::EngngModel::ArrayWithNumberingHelper struct to pass array and numbering scheme as a single argument
 Coofem::BasicGeometryAbstract representation of Geometry
 Coofem::BCTrackerThis class keeps track of applied boundary conditions on individual entities
 Coofem::BoundingBoxSquared bounding box for templated octree localizer
 Coofem::ClassFactoryClass Factory allows to register terminal oofem classes, based on their membership (classes representing elements, dof managers, material models, etc) and create them on demand according to their name or id
 Coofem::CohesiveBranchFunctionClass representing a branch function for cohesive cracks
 Coofem::CommunicatorClass representing communicator
 Coofem::CommunicatorBuffThe Communicator and corresponding buffers (represented by this class) are separated in order to allow share the same buffer by several communicators
 Coofem::ConnectivityTableClass representing connectivity table
 Coofem::ContactDefinitionThis class manages a particular contact definition
 Coofem::ContactManagerThis class manages all the contacts in a domain
 Coofem::ContextIOERRContext IO exception class
 Coofem::DataReaderClass representing the abstraction for input data source
 Coofem::DataStreamThe purpose of DataStream abstract class is to allow to store/restore context to different streams, including file, communication buffers, etc., using the same routine
 Coofem::DelaunayO(n4) algorithm, only for testing purposes
 Coofem::DelaunayTriangleDelaunay triangle for the triangulation of a set of nodes
 Coofem::DelaunayTriangulatorMesh generator for the PFEM problem, using Bowyer-Watson algorithm of the Delaunay triangulation of a set of nodes (PFEMParticle) creating TR1_2D_PFEM elements
 Coofem::DictionaryThis class implements a linked list whose entries are Pairs (see below)
 Coofem::DofAbstract class Dof represents Degree Of Freedom in finite element mesh
 Coofem::DofGroupingSupport struct to handle all the split up variables used during the solving step
 Coofem::DomainClass and object Domain
 Coofem::DomainTransactionManagerClass representing domain transaction manager
 Coofem::Edge2DEdge class for Delaunay triangulation
 Coofem::EngngModelAbstract base class representing the "problem" under consideration
 Coofem::EngngModelContextClass EngngModelContext represents a context, which is shared by all problem engng sub-models
 Coofem::EngngModelTimerTimer class, assumed to be an attribute of engineering model, serving stop-watch facility for engineering model
 Coofem::EnrichmentFrontClass EnrichmentFront: describes the edge or tip of an XFEM enrichment
 Coofem::BCTracker::EntryHelper class storing a sigle record for component (element, node, etc)
 Coofem::ErrorCheckingRuleError checking rule used for regressions tests
 Coofem::ExportModuleRepresents export output module - a base class for all output modules
 Coofem::FastMarchingMethodFast Marching Method for unstructured grids
 Coofem::FEICellGeometryClass representing a general abstraction for cell geometry
 Coofem::FEInterpolationClass representing a general abstraction for finite element interpolation class
 Coofem::FEMComponentThe top abstract class of all classes constituting the finite element mesh
 Coofem::FETIBoundaryDofManagerRepresent the abstraction for DOF manager
 Coofem::FieldAbstract class representing field
 Coofem::FloatArrayClass representing vector of real numbers
 Coofem::FloatMatrixImplementation of matrix containing floating point numbers
 Coofem::FastMarchingMethod::FMM_DofmanRecordDofManager Fast Marching data record
 Coofem::FractureManagerThis class manages the fracture mechanics part
 Coofem::FunctionArgumentWrapper for values of varying types
 Coofem::GaussPointClass representing integration point in finite element program
 Coofem::GeometryGeneratorGenerate random geometry of particles and links for CQ simulation
 Coofem::GradDpElementAbstract class for gradient formulation of coupled damage-plasticity model(GradDp)
 Coofem::GraphClass representing the special graph constructed from two polygons that is used to perform boolean operation on polygons (polygon clipping in current implementation)
 Coofem::GridClass that solves certain problems on a regular 2D grid, consisting of n x m nodes
 Coofem::HeapClass implementing a heap, which is an auxiliary data structure used for efficient sorting and exploited e.g
 Coofem::HomogenizeClass for elastic homogenization
 Coofem::InitModuleRepresents init module - a base class for all init modules
 Coofem::InputRecordClass representing the general Input Record
 Coofem::IntArrayClass implementing an array of integers
 Coofem::IntegrationRuleAbstract base class representing integration rule
 Coofem::InterfaceClass Interface
 Coofem::LinElBranchFunctionClass representing the four classical linear elastic branch functions
 Coofem::LoadBalancerAbstract base class representing general load balancer
 Coofem::LoadBalancerMonitorAbstract base class representing general load balancer monitor
 Coofem::LocalInsertionData< T >Help class for storing pointer to octant cell and position of the member in the data list
 Coofem::localIntegrationRecordStructure containing reference to integration point and its corresponding nonlocal integration weight
 Coofem::LoggerLogger class used by OOFEM to print information during analysis
 Coofem::LSPrimaryVariableMapperLSPrimaryVariableMapper: Least-squares primary variable mapper
 Coofem::MaterialForceEvaluatorEvaluates material forces
 Coofem::MaterialMappingAlgorithmThe class representing the general material model mapping algorithm
 Coofem::MatrixAssemblerCallback class for assembling specific types of matrices
 Coofem::mem_fun< T >
 Coofem::MesherInterfaceThe base class representing the interface to mesh generation package
 Coofem::MetaStepClass representing meta step
 Coofem::ModuleManager< M >Class representing and implementing ModuleManager
 Coofem::ModuleManager< ExportModule >
 Coofem::ModuleManager< InitModule >
 Coofem::NodalRecoveryModelThe base class for all recovery models, which perform nodal averaging or projection processes for internal variables typically stored in integration points
 Coofem::NumericalMethodThis base class is an abstraction for numerical algorithm
 Coofem::OctantRecClass representing the octant of octree
 Coofem::OctantRecT< T >Templated octree cell containing data of T type
 Coofem::OctantRecT< oofem::DelaunayTriangle * >
 Coofem::OctantRecT< oofem::UnstructuredGridField::Cell >
 Coofem::OctreeSpatialLocalizerT< T >Templated octree spatial localizer
 Coofem::OctreeSpatialLocalizerT< oofem::DelaunayTriangle * >
 Coofem::OctreeSpatialLocalizerT< oofem::UnstructuredGridField::Cell >
 Coofem::OOFEM_TerminateOOFEM terminate exception class
 Coofem::OutputManagerRepresents output manager
 Coofem::PairThis class implements key/value associations - the key and its associated value
 Coofem::ParallelContextThis class provides an communication context for distributed memory parallelism
 Coofem::SPRNodalRecoveryModel::parallelStructHelper structure to pass required arguments to packing/unpacking functions needed in parallel mode
 Coofem::ZZNodalRecoveryModel::parallelStructHelper structure to pass required arguments to packing/unpacking functions needed in parallel mode
 Coofem::NodalAveragingRecoveryModel::parallelStructHelper structure to pass required arguments to packing/unpacking functions needed in parallel mode
 Coofem::ParserClass for evaluating mathematical expressions in strings
 Coofem::ParticleGrid< Point >Particle grid data structure for n-D grids
 Coofem::ParticleGridIterator< Point >A recursive iterator for a grid with refinements
 Coofem::ParticlePointDefault point type for describing topology
 Coofem::PhaseFieldElementAbstract class for phase field formulation
 Coofem::POIExportModule::POI_dataTypePOIs data structure
 Coofem::PolygonClass representing 2D polygon
 Coofem::PreconditionerAbstract class for IML++ compatible preconditioner
 Coofem::PrescribedGradientHomogenizationClass for homogenization of applied gradients
 Coofem::PrimaryUnknownMapperThe base class for all primary unknowns mappers
 Coofem::PrimaryVariableMapperBase class for mapping of primary variables between domains
 Coofem::ProcessCommunicatorClass representing process communicator for engineering model
 Coofem::PropagationLawUpdates the geometry of evolving XFEM interfaces
 Coofem::QCFullsolveddomainInformation about fullsolved domain in CQ simulation
 Coofem::QuasicontinuumGeneral simplification for Quasicontinuum simulation
 Coofem::RangeClass Range is an abstraction for interval of integer numbers
 Coofem::ParticleGrid< Point >::RefinedParticlePointRecursive data structure for
 Coofem::RowColumnThis class implements a segment of a unsymmetric matrix stored in segmented form (skyline)
 Coofem::ScalarFunctionImplementation of Scalar function
 Coofem::SL_Evaluation_Functor< T >Functor base class for evaluating search tasks on the octree according given condition
 Coofem::SL_Evaluation_Functor< Cell >
 Coofem::SL_Evaluation_Functor< DelaunayTriangle * >
 Coofem::SL_Evaluation_Functor< int >
 Coofem::SL_Insertion_Functor< T >Functor base class responsible for insertion of members into the octree cell
 Coofem::SL_Insertion_Functor< Cell >
 Coofem::SL_Insertion_Functor< DelaunayTriangle * >
 Coofem::SL_Insertion_Functor< int >
 Coofem::SloanGraphGraph representing the undirected graph used for Sloan algorithm for symmetric matrix profile reduction
 Coofem::SloanGraphNodeClass representing node in undirected graph, used by Sloan profile optimizer
 Coofem::SloanLevelStructureClass representing level structure for Sloan profile optimizer
 Coofem::SparseMtrxBase class for all matrices stored in sparse format
 Coofem::SpatialLocalizerThe base class for all spatial localizers
 Coofem::StructuralElementEvaluatorThis class represent a new concept on how to define elements
 Coofem::TimerClass implementing single timer, providing wall clock and user time capabilities
 Coofem::TimeStepClass representing solution step
 Coofem::TipInfoTipInfo gathers useful information about a crack tip, like its position and tangent direction
 Coofem::TokenizerString bracket- and quotation-aware string tokenizer
 Coofem::TopologyDescriptionAbstract class for topology description
 Coofem::Triangle_PSLGPlane straight line graph used as input for meshing with triangle
 Coofem::TriangleMesherInterfaceInterface to Triangle (Delaunay mesher)
 Coofem::UnknownNumberingSchemeAbstract base class allowing to control the way, how equations are assigned to individual DOFs
 Coofem::VectorAssemblerCallback class for assembling specific types of vectors
 Coofem::VertexClass representing vertex
 Coofem::XfemManagerThis class manages the xfem part
 Coofem::XfemSolverInterfaceProvides extra solver functionality needed for XFEM
 Coofem::XfemTolerancesProvides tolerances for the XFEM module

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