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oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial Class Reference

This class implements a isotropic moisture tranport material. More...

#include <isolinmoisturemat.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial (int n, Domain *d)
virtual ~IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial ()
virtual double givePermeability (GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
virtual double giveMoistureCapacity (GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
virtual const char * giveInputRecordName () const
virtual const char * giveClassName () const
virtual IRResultType initializeFrom (InputRecord *ir)
 Initializes receiver according to object description stored in input record. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial
 IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial (int n, Domain *d)
virtual ~IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial ()
virtual void giveFluxVector (FloatArray &answer, GaussPoint *gp, const FloatArray &grad, const FloatArray &field, TimeStep *tStep)
 Returns the flux for the field and its gradient. More...
virtual void giveCharacteristicMatrix (FloatMatrix &answer, MatResponseMode mode, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
 Computes characteristic matrix of receiver in given integration point. More...
virtual double giveCharacteristicValue (MatResponseMode mode, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
 Computes the characteristic value of receiver in given integration point, respecting its history. More...
virtual int giveIPValue (FloatArray &answer, GaussPoint *gp, InternalStateType type, TimeStep *tStep)
 Returns the integration point corresponding value in Reduced form. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::TransportMaterial
 TransportMaterial (int n, Domain *d)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~TransportMaterial ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void updateInternalState (const FloatArray &state, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
 Updates internal state of material according to new state vector. More...
virtual int hasInternalSource ()
 Returns nonzero if receiver generates internal source of state variable(s), zero otherwise. More...
virtual void computeInternalSourceVector (FloatArray &val, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep, ValueModeType mode)
 Computes the internal source vector of receiver. More...
virtual double giveHumidity (GaussPoint *gp, ValueModeType mode)
 Returns positive value of humidity if implemented and enabled in derived material, -1 otherwise. More...
virtual MaterialStatusCreateStatus (GaussPoint *gp) const
 Creates new copy of associated status and inserts it into given integration point. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::Material
 Material (int n, Domain *d)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~Material ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual bool isCharacteristicMtrxSymmetric (MatResponseMode rMode)
 Returns true if stiffness matrix of receiver is symmetric Default implementation returns true. More...
virtual double give (int aProperty, GaussPoint *gp)
 Returns the value of material property 'aProperty'. More...
virtual bool hasProperty (int aProperty, GaussPoint *gp)
 Returns true if 'aProperty' exists on material. More...
virtual void modifyProperty (int aProperty, double value, GaussPoint *gp)
 Modify 'aProperty', which already exists on material. More...
double giveCastingTime ()
virtual bool isActivated (TimeStep *tStep)
virtual int hasNonLinearBehaviour ()
 Returns nonzero if receiver is non linear. More...
virtual int hasMaterialModeCapability (MaterialMode mode)
 Tests if material supports material mode. More...
virtual int hasCastingTimeSupport ()
 Tests if material supports casting time. More...
virtual void giveInputRecord (DynamicInputRecord &input)
 Setups the input record string of receiver. More...
virtual void printYourself ()
 Prints receiver state on stdout. Useful for debugging. More...
virtual contextIOResultType saveIPContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, GaussPoint *gp)
 Stores integration point state to output stream. More...
virtual contextIOResultType restoreIPContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, GaussPoint *gp)
 Reads integration point state to output stream. More...
virtual int checkConsistency ()
 Allows programmer to test some internal data, before computation begins. More...
virtual int initMaterial (Element *element)
 Optional function to call specific procedures when initializing a material. More...
virtual MaterialStatusgiveStatus (GaussPoint *gp) const
 Returns material status of receiver in given integration point. More...
virtual int packUnknowns (DataStream &buff, TimeStep *tStep, GaussPoint *ip)
 Pack all necessary data of integration point (according to element parallel_mode) into given communication buffer. More...
virtual int unpackAndUpdateUnknowns (DataStream &buff, TimeStep *tStep, GaussPoint *ip)
 Unpack and updates all necessary data of given integration point (according to element parallel_mode) into given communication buffer. More...
virtual int estimatePackSize (DataStream &buff, GaussPoint *ip)
 Estimates the necessary pack size to hold all packed data of receiver. More...
virtual double predictRelativeComputationalCost (GaussPoint *gp)
 Returns the weight representing relative computational cost of receiver The reference material model is linear isotropic material - its weight is set to 1.0 The other material models should compare to this reference model. More...
virtual double predictRelativeRedistributionCost (GaussPoint *gp)
 Returns the relative redistribution cost of the receiver. More...
virtual void initTempStatus (GaussPoint *gp)
 Initializes temporary variables stored in integration point status at the beginning of new time step. More...
virtual int setIPValue (const FloatArray &value, GaussPoint *gp, InternalStateType type)
 Sets the value of a certain variable at a given integration point to the given value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::FEMComponent
 FEMComponent (int n, Domain *d)
 Regular constructor, creates component with given number and belonging to given domain. More...
virtual ~FEMComponent ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
DomaingiveDomain () const
virtual void setDomain (Domain *d)
 Sets associated Domain. More...
int giveNumber () const
void setNumber (int num)
 Sets number of receiver. More...
virtual void updateLocalNumbering (EntityRenumberingFunctor &f)
 Local renumbering support. More...
virtual contextIOResultType saveContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)
 Stores receiver state to output stream. More...
virtual contextIOResultType restoreContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)
 Restores the receiver state previously written in stream. More...
virtual void printOutputAt (FILE *file, TimeStep *tStep)
 Prints output of receiver to stream, for given time step. More...
virtual InterfacegiveInterface (InterfaceType t)
 Interface requesting service. More...
std::string errorInfo (const char *func) const
 Returns string for prepending output (used by error reporting macros). More...

Protected Attributes

double moistureCapacity
double permeability
- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::Material
Dictionary propertyDictionary
 Property dictionary. More...
double castingTime
 Casting time. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::FEMComponent
int number
 Component number. More...
 Link to domain object, useful for communicating with other FEM components. More...

Detailed Description

This class implements a isotropic moisture tranport material.

A material is an attribute of a domain. It is usually also attribute of many elements.

Definition at line 54 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial ( int  n,
Domain d 

Definition at line 61 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

virtual oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::~IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial ( )

Definition at line 62 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

References giveMoistureCapacity(), and givePermeability().

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::giveClassName ( ) const
Class name of the receiver.

Reimplemented from oofem::IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial.

Definition at line 68 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

References initializeFrom().

virtual const char* oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::giveInputRecordName ( ) const
Input record name of the receiver.

Implements oofem::FEMComponent.

Definition at line 67 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

References _IFT_IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial_Name.

double oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::giveMoistureCapacity ( GaussPoint gp,
TimeStep tStep 
double oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::givePermeability ( GaussPoint gp,
TimeStep tStep 
IRResultType oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::initializeFrom ( InputRecord ir)

Initializes receiver according to object description stored in input record.

This function is called immediately after creating object using constructor. Input record can be imagined as data record in component database belonging to receiver. Receiver may use value-name extracting functions to extract particular field from record.

See also
irInput record to initialize from.

Reimplemented from oofem::IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial.

Definition at line 44 of file isolinmoisturemat.C.

References _IFT_IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial_capa, _IFT_IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial_perm, oofem::IsotropicMoistureTransferMaterial::initializeFrom(), IR_GIVE_FIELD, moistureCapacity, and permeability.

Referenced by giveClassName().

Member Data Documentation

double oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::moistureCapacity

Definition at line 57 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

Referenced by giveMoistureCapacity(), and initializeFrom().

double oofem::IsotropicLinMoistureTransferMaterial::permeability

Definition at line 58 of file isolinmoisturemat.h.

Referenced by givePermeability(), and initializeFrom().

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