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oofem::PhaseFieldElement Class Referenceabstract

Abstract class for phase field formulation. More...

#include <phasefieldelement.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PhaseFieldElement (int i, Domain *aDomain)
virtual ~PhaseFieldElement ()
virtual NLStructuralElementgiveElement ()=0
virtual IRResultType initializeFrom (InputRecord *ir)
virtual void giveDofManDofIDMask_u (IntArray &answer)=0
virtual void giveDofManDofIDMask_d (IntArray &answer)=0
virtual const char * giveClassName () const
void computeLocationArrayOfDofIDs (const IntArray &dofIdArray, IntArray &answer)
double computeFreeEnergy (GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep)
double giveInternalLength ()
double giveCriticalEnergy ()
double giveRelaxationTime ()

Public Attributes

double internalLength
double criticalEnergy
double relaxationTime

Protected Member Functions

virtual void computeStiffnessMatrix (FloatMatrix &, MatResponseMode, TimeStep *)
void computeStiffnessMatrix_uu (FloatMatrix &, MatResponseMode, TimeStep *)
void computeStiffnessMatrix_ud (FloatMatrix &, MatResponseMode, TimeStep *)
void computeStiffnessMatrix_dd (FloatMatrix &, MatResponseMode, TimeStep *)
void computeStiffnessMatrix_du (FloatMatrix &, MatResponseMode, TimeStep *)
double computeG (GaussPoint *gp, ValueModeType valueMode, TimeStep *stepN)
double computeGPrim (GaussPoint *gp, ValueModeType valueMode, TimeStep *stepN)
double computeDamageAt (GaussPoint *gp, ValueModeType valueMode, TimeStep *stepN)
void giveInternalForcesVector (FloatArray &answer, TimeStep *tStep, int useUpdatedGpRecord)
void giveInternalForcesVector_u (FloatArray &answer, TimeStep *tStep, int useUpdatedGpRecord)
void giveInternalForcesVector_d (FloatArray &answer, TimeStep *tStep, int useUpdatedGpRecord)
void computeBStress_u (FloatArray &answer, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep, int useUpdatedGpRecord)
void computeNStress_d (FloatArray &answer, GaussPoint *gp, TimeStep *tStep, int useUpdatedGpRecord)
void computeDisplacementUnknowns (FloatArray &answer, ValueModeType valueMode, TimeStep *stepN)
void computeDamageUnknowns (FloatArray &answer, ValueModeType valueMode, TimeStep *stepN)
virtual void computeBd_matrixAt (GaussPoint *, FloatMatrix &, int=1, int=ALL_STRAINS)
virtual void computeNd_matrixAt (const FloatArray &lCoords, FloatMatrix &N)

Protected Attributes

IntArray loc_u
IntArray loc_d

Detailed Description

Abstract class for phase field formulation.

Definition at line 45 of file phasefieldelement.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oofem::PhaseFieldElement::PhaseFieldElement ( int  i,
Domain aDomain 
will be set by the cross section later

Definition at line 51 of file phasefieldelement.C.

References criticalEnergy, internalLength, and relaxationTime.

virtual oofem::PhaseFieldElement::~PhaseFieldElement ( )

Member Function Documentation

void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeBd_matrixAt ( GaussPoint gp,
FloatMatrix answer,
int  li = 1,
int  ui = ALL_STRAINS 
void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeDamageUnknowns ( FloatArray answer,
ValueModeType  valueMode,
TimeStep stepN 
void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeDisplacementUnknowns ( FloatArray answer,
ValueModeType  valueMode,
TimeStep stepN 
double oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeG ( GaussPoint gp,
ValueModeType  valueMode,
TimeStep stepN 
void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeNStress_d ( FloatArray answer,
GaussPoint gp,
TimeStep tStep,
int  useUpdatedGpRecord 
void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::computeStiffnessMatrix_du ( FloatMatrix ,
MatResponseMode  ,
virtual const char* oofem::PhaseFieldElement::giveClassName ( ) const
virtual void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::giveDofManDofIDMask_d ( IntArray answer)
pure virtual
virtual void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::giveDofManDofIDMask_u ( IntArray answer)
pure virtual
void oofem::PhaseFieldElement::giveInternalForcesVector_u ( FloatArray answer,
TimeStep tStep,
int  useUpdatedGpRecord 

Member Data Documentation

double oofem::PhaseFieldElement::criticalEnergy

Definition at line 69 of file phasefieldelement.h.

Referenced by giveCriticalEnergy(), and PhaseFieldElement().

double oofem::PhaseFieldElement::internalLength
move these to a cross section model later

Definition at line 67 of file phasefieldelement.h.

Referenced by giveInternalLength(), and PhaseFieldElement().

double oofem::PhaseFieldElement::relaxationTime

Definition at line 71 of file phasefieldelement.h.

Referenced by giveRelaxationTime(), and PhaseFieldElement().

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