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oofem::NonlocalBarrier Class Referenceabstract

Abstract base class for all nonlocal barriers. More...

#include <nonlocalbarrier.h>

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Public Member Functions

 NonlocalBarrier (int n, Domain *aDomain)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~NonlocalBarrier ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void applyConstraint (const FloatArray &c1, const FloatArray &c2, double &weight, bool &shieldFlag, NonlocalMaterialExtensionInterface *nei)=0
 Abstract method modifying the integration weight between master (c1) and source (c2) point. More...
virtual double calculateMinimumDistanceFromBoundary (const FloatArray &coords)=0
 Abstract method calculating the minimum distance of the Gauss Point from the nonlocal boundaries. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from oofem::FEMComponent
 FEMComponent (int n, Domain *d)
 Regular constructor, creates component with given number and belonging to given domain. More...
virtual ~FEMComponent ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
virtual const char * giveClassName () const =0
virtual const char * giveInputRecordName () const =0
DomaingiveDomain () const
virtual void setDomain (Domain *d)
 Sets associated Domain. More...
int giveNumber () const
void setNumber (int num)
 Sets number of receiver. More...
virtual void updateLocalNumbering (EntityRenumberingFunctor &f)
 Local renumbering support. More...
virtual IRResultType initializeFrom (InputRecord *ir)
 Initializes receiver according to object description stored in input record. More...
virtual void giveInputRecord (DynamicInputRecord &input)
 Setups the input record string of receiver. More...
virtual contextIOResultType saveContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)
 Stores receiver state to output stream. More...
virtual contextIOResultType restoreContext (DataStream &stream, ContextMode mode, void *obj=NULL)
 Restores the receiver state previously written in stream. More...
virtual int checkConsistency ()
 Allows programmer to test some internal data, before computation begins. More...
virtual void printOutputAt (FILE *file, TimeStep *tStep)
 Prints output of receiver to stream, for given time step. More...
virtual void printYourself ()
 Prints receiver state on stdout. Useful for debugging. More...
virtual InterfacegiveInterface (InterfaceType t)
 Interface requesting service. More...
std::string errorInfo (const char *func) const
 Returns string for prepending output (used by error reporting macros). More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from oofem::FEMComponent
int number
 Component number. More...
 Link to domain object, useful for communicating with other FEM components. More...

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all nonlocal barriers.

The purpose of this class is to model barrier for nonlocal averaging process (visibility criterion, symmetry condition). Usually, the given remote integration point influences to the source point nonlocal average if the averaging function at source point and evaluated for remote point has nonzero value. The barrier allows to exclude additional points, which may be close enough, but due to several reasons there is no influence between these points (for example, they can be separated by a notch).

See also
NonlocalMaterialStatusExtensionInterface class.

Definition at line 53 of file nonlocalbarrier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oofem::NonlocalBarrier::NonlocalBarrier ( int  n,
Domain aDomain 


Creates an element with number n belonging to domain aDomain.

nElement's number
aDomainPointer to the domain to which element belongs.

Definition at line 38 of file nonlocalbarrier.C.

virtual oofem::NonlocalBarrier::~NonlocalBarrier ( )


Definition at line 63 of file nonlocalbarrier.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void oofem::NonlocalBarrier::applyConstraint ( const FloatArray c1,
const FloatArray c2,
double &  weight,
bool &  shieldFlag,
NonlocalMaterialExtensionInterface nei 
pure virtual

Abstract method modifying the integration weight between master (c1) and source (c2) point.

c1Coordinates of master point.
c2Coordinates of source point.
weightOriginal integration weight; on output modified weight.
[out]shieldFlagSet to true if shielding is activated.
neiThe element with the non local material extension.

Implemented in oofem::PolylineNonlocalBarrier, and oofem::SymmetryBarrier.

Referenced by oofem::NonlocalMaterialExtensionInterface::applyBarrierConstraints().

virtual double oofem::NonlocalBarrier::calculateMinimumDistanceFromBoundary ( const FloatArray coords)
pure virtual

Abstract method calculating the minimum distance of the Gauss Point from the nonlocal boundaries.

coordsCoordinates of the Gauss Point
maxPossibleDistanceDistance from the boundary beyond which the nonlocal radius(as it is interpreted in each weight function) becomes equal to the user-defined
the minimum value of the minimum distance from nonlocal boundary and maxPossibleDistance

Implemented in oofem::PolylineNonlocalBarrier, and oofem::SymmetryBarrier.

Referenced by oofem::GradDpMaterialExtensionInterface::giveDistanceBasedCharacteristicLength(), and oofem::NonlocalMaterialExtensionInterface::giveDistanceBasedInteractionRadius().

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